How to import from Windows Mail to Thunderbird with Instant Way

We all have heard about emails and their supporting applications. We know that email is the most preferred medium to communicate with friends, family and others. Email is an inexpensive way for online conversations and to share ideas & information by using any media file. To utilize email services, you just need an email client and an internet connection that is available everywhere across the world. Now, email has been become the most popular medium for communication.

Here, we will talk about two different email clients i.e. Windows Mail & Mozilla Thunderbird. Both of the email clients are popular respect to their file formats and more commonly used. One is discovered by Microsoft Corporation and the other is discovered by Mozilla Foundation. If any reader doesn’t have any idea about both of these email clients, then let me give you a short description.

First is – Windows Mail that is in-built package of Microsoft Windows Vista and it saves emails individually with .eml file extension. You can easily get .eml files from Windows Mail by using “drag & drop” method. The second one is – Thunderbird that is a freeware email client and saves several emails in a single mailbox with .mbox file extension. An MBOX file is introduced with 5 characters (“from & space) and terminated with a vacant line in the end.

But most of the users of Windows Mail are trying to move from this platform because it is launched by Microsoft with Windows Vista but Microsoft has been launched many other versions of other OS and email clients after that. As we all know that users want to stay in touch with latest technologies so, they want to switch. But they are getting difficulty to choose a suitable email app because users are trying to move an MBOX file supported email client.

Here is an email client that is popular among MBOX file supported email app i.e. Thunderbird. It is a platform independent email client for Windows only. It provides multiple features to be an attractive program and Windows Mail users are going to this email app.

But there is a trouble i.e. how to import Windows Mail messages into Thunderbird and users are looking for a solution. That solution should be appropriate to import messages from Windows Mail to Thunderbird without any changes or modification.

This trouble of users can be solved easily by using a third party tool and I am here to suggest you to use Windows Mail to Thunderbird Converter as that third party tool. I am suggesting you because I already had an experience with this software and it is developed really to fulfill requirements of other users. It was also recommended to me by my friends. This tool has many other qualities to import Windows Mail to Thunderbird and discussed below:

  • By using this software, you are allowed to import messages from Windows Mail to Thunderbird without limitation for countable files. Any number of files can be imported in batch mode option of this software to import Windows Mail to Thunderbird.
  • It provides resultant files after completion of process with 100% accuracy and it doesn’t change in emails details by keeping safe them including – formatting, metadata, folder structure etc.
  • Attachments can also be imported without any modification with help of this tool.
  • This software provides very simple user interface and it is platform independent for Windows to import messages from Windows Mail to Thunderbird.

Still you have any confusion for importing from Windows Mail to Thunderbird then you can try its free trial version. Read More >>

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