How to Migrate EML files to MBOX with all Attachments

If you have thousands of EML files and you want to convert them into MBOX format for Windows platform on a new computer then go with the further discussion in below segment.

As we have listened earlier or read in previous posts that various types of email programs are presented in this world currently in use by lots of users. But each program saves files with its own file extension or file format. Here, we are going to talk about .eml & .mbox files.

An EML file is just an extension to save an email message that contains plain ASCII text, attachments, hyperlinks & main message body. The EML files are associated with multiple email programs such as – Outlook Express, DreamMail, eM Client, Windows Mail/Live Mail etc.

Whereas, an MBOX file is also an extension to save a mailbox with several emails and that MBOX file can contain 7-bit ASCII text & all other things are stored in encoded format. The MBOX files are associated with several email apps like – Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Eudora, Entourage, Netscape, Turnpike, Pocomail, Postbox, Sea Monkey etc.

What is the need to convert EML files to BOX format on a new computer?

For the conversion of these both file formats, users can be in any type of trouble:

  • If a user is working on Windows 7 with Windows Live Mail but cause of job switching, he/she wants to go with company norms to Thunderbird.
  • If any user has been tired with the long use of Windows OS and wants to go with a different OS i.e. Macintosh.

For any one situation of above given, users have to convert their EML files into MBOX format but they don’t know about any solution for how to convert emails from EML to MBOX format.. Any of the EML supported email clients doesn’t help users by providing any option to convert emails into Mac Mail or in any other email client with safeguarding all associated details with EML files. So, in the absence of any direct conversion solution, users have to take help of an external software that is appropriate to fulfill all the requirements of users regarding the conversion of emails from EML to MBOX format.

As that external software, an EML to MBOX Converter is presented to convert emails from EML to MBOX file format which helps users to convert files by providing multiple facilities and it gives back precise results to users as same as original files. This tool suggests two methods to convert emails – users can con convert emails from EML to MBOX format either one by one or in bulk at a time. Additionally, there is no file size limitation in bulk conversion that means any number of EML files can be added for conversion.

This software has capability to save all combined details with EML files unmodified in both of the conversion techniques. The software has compatibility with entire Windows Operating System family to convert EML files to MBOX format and supports all MBOX based email clients to view converted emails. Read More >>


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